What To Do In A Power Outage

There are going to be many times when you encounter a power outage.  This can be due to a storm or other natural event or because damage or repairs are being done on the lines in a local location.  Either way, when we don’t have power we may need to contact an electrician in San Antonio TX to come out and take a look.  Their findings will then determine what we do next.

Don’t panic

If the power goes out don’t panic.  When we don’t have power we start to stress out and start to think the worse.  When we lose power, it will happen suddenly and without warning.  When it happens, just take a deep breath, count to ten and evaluate your situation.

Turn off anything you were currently using

The last time we lost power my wife was just about to cook breakfast.  The power came on once and twice before it was off for several hours and we had started the oven and burners.  If you have turned them on and they are not digital, then make sure you turn the knobs and have everything off when the power returns.

Unplug anything vital from the outlets

One thing that we don’t realize is when the power comes back on we get a violent surge of power going through the lines. In some cases, this can really cause damage to electronics.  What you want to do is unplug the television or other devices that you don’t want to be damaged from this possible surge.

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Have candles and other lighting sources

If the power goes out in the middle of the night you will probably be sleeping. However, you will want to have light sources that run off batteries near your bed.  Candles are okay during the day but if you are not going to be awake to monitor them make sure you have powered light sources.